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Karp Law Firm Sponsors Stickball!

10-30-2018 - If you were raised in New York or another Northeast city, you probably remember kids playing stickball on the street. But for some, stickball isn't just a memory. The Wellington-based "Wycliffe Stiffs" are still playing! The Karp Law Firm is delighted to be one of the league's sponsors.

Attorney Joseph Karp, no stranger to stickball from his youth, was on hand for the league's opening day on October 30. Wellington Mayor Anne Gerwig threw out the opening pitch as the "New York Egg Creams" squared off against the "Long Island Whalers." The Egg Creams won, 12-9. 

Attorney Karp brought along some old favorites to share with the players: cases of Yoohoo, and Bazooka Bubble Gum. And between games, egg creams made with U-Bet were served. 


Attorney Joseph Karp with Wycliffe Stiffs "Commish" Marty Ross.




Wellington Mayor Anne Gerwig threw out the opening ball.


Harry Klaff, Director of Operations for the league, enjoying Yahoo and Bazooka


The New York Egg Creams (in red) relax alongside the Long Island Whalers (in blue).


Home plate and the pitcher's mound are rubber replicas of New York City manhole covers!

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