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The Karp Law Firm adds estate litigation to its services

2-8-2016 - The Karp Law Firm announces the addition of estate litigation to its list of client services. We are providing estate litigation services to those who wish to contest an estate, and to trustees and personal representatives who are defending an estate.

Generally speaking, the grounds for challenging a will or trust are lack of testamentary capacity, duress or undue influence, fraud, and/or failure to comply with execution and other technical formalities.

Although we now offer estate litigation services, it is important to note that a lawsuit should always be the last resort when any disagreement arises over an estate. Keeping the matter our of the court system will save money, aggravation, and as importantly, may help salvage already frayed family relationships. Mediation is often an effective alternative to a lawsuit. Attorney Karp is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator who can help with these issues before they escalate to litigation. 

The best way to prevent your own estate plan from being challenged is to create your estate plan with guidance from an experienced and competent estate planning attorney.


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