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Veterans facing long waits may see non-VA doctors

11-17-2014 - The Veterans Administration has begun mailing "Veterans Choice" cards to veterans who face long waits for medical care at the V.A. To be eligible, a veteran must face more than a 30-day wait to see a V.A. physician, based on the veteran's preferred appointment date or the V.A. physician's medically required date.

Veterans who qualify for the Choice Program will be permitted to see a non-V.A. medical provider, so long as that provider is on the V.A.-approved list. The Choice Program is a temporary, three-year program established through the 2014 Veterans Access to Care Through Choice, Accountability and Transparency Act.

If you qualify for the Choice program, you must call the V.A. at 866-606-8198 to schedule your appointment. You will also be asked to provide other information, including other medical insurance coverage you may have.

For further information visit the V.A. Choice Program website here.

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