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Holiday Party Photos

12-13-2013 - Lawyers and staff enjoyed another fun holiday party and gift exchange at Three Forks in Palm Beach Gardens on December 13. Photos:

L-R: Estate Administration Paralegals Pat Vivirito and John Palkovic; Associate Case Managet Lisa Starr; Executive Assistant Julie McKeon; Case Manager Supervisor Deeanna Farrington

Deborah Karp and Attorney Joseph Karp

L-R: Receptionist Leilani King, Law Office Administrator Audrey Yeager, Estate Planning Assistant Josseline Arroyo

Attorneys Genny Bernstein and T.J. Heinemann

Assistant Case Manager Zamara Rosete

L-R: Attorneys Adele Harris, Rachel Zetouni, Bookkeeper Erica Poag

L-R: CPA Rebecca Maglio, Leilani King


L-R: Client Coordinator Elizabeth Lebron, Estate Planning Paralegal Margaret Sajiun

L-R: Erica Poag, Estate Administration Paralegal Janet Suarez

T.J. Heinemann, Office Assistant Sheldon Berman, Joseph Karp

Attorney Karp


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