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Halloween at The Karp Law Firm

10-31-2013 - It is always good to kick back a little. That's what we did on October 31. Each department selected a theme and decorated their department, and themselves, accordingly. It was still a working day, though! Enjoy our Halloween photos...

The Lawyers & Law Firm Administrator (The Warden & the Prisoners)

Attorney Joseph Karp (The Warden); Audrey Yeager, Firm Administrator (a prisoner)


More Prisoners: Attorneys Genny Bernstein, Rachel Zetouni, Adele Harris, T.J. Heinemann  


Estate Administration (MASH UNIT)

 L-R Estate Administration Paralegals Pat Vivirito, Gail Brown, Janet Suarez, John Palkovic



Estate Planning  (Superheroes)


L-R: Josseline Arroyo, Estate Planning Assistant; Estate Planning Paralegals Margaret Sajiun and Khristina Iwasz

The SuperLawyer "Powers"


Case Management (Prom Night)

L-R: Lisa Starr, Associate Case Manager; Julie McKeon, Executive Assistant; Zamara Rosete, Assistant Case Manager; Deeanna Farrington, Case Manager Supervisor


Zamara Rosete and Julie McKeon


Administrative Staff (The Barristas)

Elizabeth Lebron, Client Coordinator; Leilani King, Receptionist/Office Assistant; Sheldon Berman, Office Assistant

(L-R) Erica Poag, Bookkeeper, and Elizabeth Lebron

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