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Health Reform to close donut hole

3-22-2010 The Health Reform Bill passed by the House offers several benefits for seniors and their families. That bill now heads to the Senate for "reconciliation." Some of the good news for seniors:

Long-Term Care: A proposal for a new, national long-term care insurance program. Under the proposed voluntary CLASS program (Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, you would pay a premium into the program each month. After five years, you would be able to take a modest benefit out of the program if you needed long-term care, thus allowing you to remain in your home longer.

Closing the Doughnut Hole: The Medicare Part D coverage gap - the so-called "Doughnut Hole" -- would eventually be closed.

Beefing Up Measures to Curb Elder Abuse: The creation of an "Elder Justice Coordinating Council" in the Department of Health and Human Services and in the Justice Department, providing federal funds to help state and communities to fight growing elder abuse problems.

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