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Karp Kommandos at 2009 Memory Walks

Karp's Kommandos raised funds for the fight against Alzheimer's at the 2009 Memory Walks in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, Florida. Memory Walk is one of the law firm's main charitable endeavors and is sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association of Southeast Florida. Participants were Attorneys Joseph Karp, Genny Bernstein, Adele Harris and husband Andrew; Deeanna Farrington, Gail Brown,  Liz Lebron,  Deborah Karp, Brittany Ballew, Lisa Gailie and Susan Zwick. Special kudos to firm bookkeeper Crystal Cappadoro, the firm's top fund raiser.

Joseph Karp, Deeanna Farrington, Genny Bernstein, Liz Lebron

(L-R) Attorney Joseph Karp, Deeanna Farrington, Attorney Genny Bernstein and Liz Lebron at the Port St. Lucie Memory Walk March 28

Genny Bernstein, Deeanna Farrington, Liz Lebron

(L-R) Genny Bernstein, Deeanna Farrington and Liz Lebron at the Port St. Lucie Memory Walk

West Palm Beach 2009 Karp Kommandos Team

 Karp Kommandos at the West Palm Beach Memory Walk April 4:

(L-R) Rear: Joseph Karp, Andrew Harris

(L-R) Middle: Lisa Gailie, Brittany Ballew, Gail Brown, Susan Zwick and daughter, Adele Harris and daughter

(L-R) Front: Debbie Karp, "Lucy," and Susan Zwick's grandson

Joe Karp

Mr. Karp gives kudos to Lucy for walking in the West Palm Beach event. 

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